The Ph.D. thesis submitted by a research scholar shall be evaluated by his/her Research Supervisor and at least two external examiners, who are not in employment of the Institution/College, of whom one examiner may be from outside the country. The viva-voce examination, based among other things, on the critiques given in the evaluation report, shall be conducted by the Research Supervisor and at least one of the two external examiners, and shall be open to be attended by Members of the Research Advisory Committee, all faculty members of the Department, other research scholars and other interested experts/researchers.

The public viva-voce of the research scholar to defend the dissertation/thesis shall be conducted only if the evaluation report(s) of the external examiner(s) on the dissertation/thesis is/are satisfactory and include a specific recommendation for conducting the viva-voce examination.

If one of the evaluation reports of the external examiner is unsatisfactory and does not recommend viva-voce, the Institution shall send the dissertation/ thesis to another external examiner out of the approved panel of examiners and the viva-voce examination shall be held only if the report of the latest examiner is satisfactory. If the report of the latest examiner is also unsatisfactory, the dissertation/ thesis shall be rejected and the research scholar shall be declared ineligible for the award of the degree.

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