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Extra Curricular activities

  • Teachers Day

Dr. Sarvapalli Radhakrishnan, Teacher Par Excellence, whose birthday, September 5, is commemorated by the Nation as Teachers Day, assumes special significance at Suryadatta. Teachers Day is celebrated with great zeal at Suryadatta and its array of Institutes, in day-long meaningful, thought-provoking and entertaining programmes. Students felicitate teachers to display their gratitude on this day.

  • Inter Collegiate Competitions

Our students actively participate in various academic, co-curricular, extra-curricular, industry based, cultural and sports related competitions organized by various colleges and Management institutes in Pune. They have been among the top ranking performers in all these activities. They also participate in the best placement brochure, best summer project, best programmer and other such competitions.

  • Exhibitions & Events

Suryadatta regularly participates in various exhibitions and events. During these events students are given an opportunity to showcase their skills of planning, organizing and team work. A large student community was felicitated during these exhibitions through various career options available to the young generation. The students were exposed to the various disciplines being offered by the Institutes. Suryadatta with its faculty members and student volunteers contributed to this initiative.

  • Sports & Cultural Activities

On the occasion of the Suryadatta Foundation Day and Teachers Day, students are not only given an opportunity to exhibit their latent talents and put up Sports & cultural performances, but are encouraged and empowered in organizing the entire event right from managing auditions, selections, drawing up the program, inviting the guests, anchoring, hospitality and other related activities. Every year, on the occasion of the Suryadatta Foundation

Day, February 7, we organize memorable week – long celebrations. During this week, various events such

  • Black & White Day
  • Neon Day
  • Environment Day
  • Khadi Day
  • Corporate Day
  • Accessories Day
  • Angel & Devil Day
  • Retro Day
  • Abra Ka Dabra (Mismatch) Day
  • Twin Day
  • Traditional Day
  • Comic Character Day
  • Indoor sports competitions
  • Outdoor sports competitions
  • Rangoli & Art competition

etc. are organized. The gamut of activities is to ensure that every student comes forward to participate in and showcase at least one sphere where they can contribute confidently.

  • Womens Day Celebration

Suryadatta Group of institutes prides itself in being a unique woman friendly organization .Our women associates are equal to men when it comes to intelligence,hard work, dedication and will power. We have cultivated an environment that promotes women empowerment. We encourage and support our women associates to live their dreams and fulfil their ambitions. Every year, Suryadatta celebrates International Women's Day. This Day was marked by taking oath by ladies & gents staff members that expressed their commitment to contribute towards women empowerment.

  • Educational & Cultural Exchanges

Several students from various parts of the World choose Pune as their preferred destination for higher management education. The students have chosen various colleges and institutions based on their qualification and preferences. We have formed a Center for International students, the Suryadatta International Educational and Cultural Centre, SIECC where members of various International students associations come together and share a common platform for exchange of ideas and experiences. SIECC facilitates these foreign students to exchange cultures and also give an opportunity for Indian students to interact and understand a variety of ethnic and foreign culture.

  • Festival Celebrations

Suryadatta believes in maintaining a Secular environment and promote Value based education by celebrating

festivals of each religion. Students and faculty together celebrate Diwali, Holi, Eid, Christmas, Lohri, Ganesh festival, Navratri etc. Special programs such as Dandiya during Navratri, Diwali Sandhya during Diwali are organised by student committees. Such festival celebrations make Suryadatta students feel homely and also get to learn Values through ancient traditions of festivals.

  • Women Empowerment - Self Help Group

Suryadatta Group of Institutes has organized multiple special programs for women empowerment. Thousands of women from the deprived class of society are benefitted by it, by being financially independent. Some of the programs organized by Suryadatta for women are ' Tailoring & Fashion Designing', 'Making of 36 types of Spices', ' Jam & Jelly making classes', 'Jewellery Designing classes, Basic IT Classes, Health Checkup Camps, for women of rural areas etc. These programs have proven as a blessing for the women as many of them have formed the self help groups or have become individual entrepreneur. Suryadatta organized full day bakery workshop with practical for women. The response to the workshop was highly encouraging and 20 women got detailed training on baking of cookies, bread & cakes of different types.

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