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Co-Curricular activities

  • Orientation-cum-Induction Program

After a rigorous admission procedure, to help the new students to be at ease with the course, the Institute conducts Orientation cum Induction Program. During this program students get acclimatized to the new learning environment at Suryadatta. This program comprises series of lectures for the new students. It covers details of various activities, systems and procedures related to academics, field work, summer and winter projects, current affairs, emerging technologies and annual events. Industry stalwarts, entrepreneurs, project consultants and professional trainers share their experiences with the students. Typically, topics which give basic useful inputs to the students who are in a transition phase from student to a complete Management professional are included in induction program.

  • National Management Quiz

Suryadatta gives utmost importance to events and current affairs of the Corporate World. Students and Faculty are encouraged to pro-actively participate in National and International Seminars, Conferences, Quiz Contests and other events. Suryadatta not only makes its presence felt in such forums but also plays host to several milestone events worthy of premier B Schools. One such Quiz recently concluded was the Regional Level Quiz Competition attracting high quality participation from over 50 teams of the Western Region B Schools. Professionally acclaimed Quiz Masters have compared the programs making them worthy of attracting the best competitive talent.

  • National HR Summits

Suryadatta in association with All India Management Association, AIMA, or Industry associations such as NHRD / NIPM conducts National HR Summits on various current topics. Various National and International companies and Institutes participate in the same. Our students along with faculty members of the Institute take part in the two day summit. Conceptual framework, Rewards and the balance score card, strategic alignment of reward, global trend, Process and culture were the topics discussed in detail in the HR Summit.

Similarly, our students along with the faculty members attended the National Convention of All India Management Association based on the theme of "The New Manager". We encourage participation of our students in such events to give them the necessary exposure.

  • Business Simulation Games

Suryadatta believes in innovative learning. Our aim is to produce leaders for tomorrow in every sphere of human activity, leaders who will determine and define how the businesses should be done in the future. Our emphasis is on innovative learning which we achieve through unique teaching and value imparting style. To support this philosophy of Suryadatta, we organize business simulation Management games for our budding Managers. Students participate in Real Life Business Simulation games in groups where they manage virtual businesses using computers.

  • Personality Development Sessions

Suryadatta espouses the firm belief that a genius is not born but created, so long as the right conducive environment is nurtured. In keeping with this belief, Personality Development Sessions are conducted for the students to unleash their latent talents and to inspire them in recognizing, tapping as well as utilizing their full potential.

One such, seven day comprehensive Soft Skills Program is organized every year for the students. It comprises modules such as developing success skills in the Corporate World, business etiquette and power grooming, public speaking as well as presentation skills. Corporate Trainers and Motivating Presenters of International repute conduct these sessions filled with motivating lectures, inspiring quotations, life transforming stories, impressive role plays and enlightening video clips reflecting individual performances. Students found these sessions novel, informative, inspiring and motivating, giving them practical insights and helping them attune themselves to the demands of the Industry.

  • Scholarships & Awards

Scholarships are given to meritorious students and highlevel achievers drawn from the Staff in both the teaching and non teaching categories. The Swami Vivekananda Trophy is awarded to the Best Out-going Student from each Institute of the Suryadatta Group. The Late Shri Bansilalji Umedmalji Chordiya Trophy is awarded to the Best Staff member of each Institute of the Suryadatta Group, in recognition of their outstanding performances. All merit / rank holders and extraordinary performers are recognised during the annual event with special awards and scholarships.

  • Pre-Placement Programme

Pre Placement programme is normally scheduled for final year students. Topics such as personal introduction, CV writing and presentation, Techniques of Facing interviews, Group Discussions, How to score well in Aptitude tests and Frequently Asked Questions, are covered in such programs.

  • Out Door Management Training, OMT

OMT is a unique training program designed for students where the focus shifts from the classroom to life skills in the very lap of Mother Nature, a master teacher herself. Through OMT, a series of adventure and daring experiences such as trekking, rappelling, rock-climbing, canoeing, star gazing and camping making do with bare essentials are conducted, aimed at building leadership skills, teamwork abilities, decision making skills, crisis Management skills. This indeed contributes to the holistic development of the student.

During such programs, the students learn practically, in an outdoor environment, all the managerial skills of team building, SWOT analysis and goal setting, making them ready for surviving & flourishing in the corporate jungle.

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