Research Scholars (Ph.D. Students)


Dr. Shailesh Kasande (Marketing Management)

Ph.D Awarded under the guidance of Dr. Shailesh Kasande 

  1.  “Development of International Strategy for Chennai and JNPT Port” - Mr. Avinash Purandare
  2.  “An Analytical Study of the Impact of Perceived Retail Store Image on Consumer based Retailer Equity Across Selected Retail Formats” - Mr. Gholizadeh Meidani 
      Iman Reza
  3.  “Role of Product Knowledge, Technology Orientation and Internet Specific Innovativeness in Shaping Consumer’s Attitude towards Job Portals and Its Impact
      on Usage of Job Portals” - Mr. Umesh Patwardhan
  4.  “A Profiling and Segmentation Study of Screenagers based on their Attitude towards Various Media, Media Consumption Motives and Media Preferences” - Mrs.
      Jayashree Vispute
  5.  “An Investigation into the Influence of Service Industry Characteristics and Employee Performance on Service Quality” - Mrs. Giribala Dewasthale
  6.  “An Analytical Study of Impact of Consumer characteristics, website characteristics & product category on consumer information Search Behavior & intention to
      Transact on Line” - Mr. Koshti Machhindranath
  7.  “Understanding Retail Service Convenience” - Ms. Shaphali Gupta (Shailesh J Mehta School of Management, IIT Powai, Dr. Shailesh Kasande was the co-guide)
  8.  “Evaluating the Effectiveness of Web Advertisements in the Context of Adventure Tourism Websites” - Mr. Ajit Sane (DYPU)

Ph.D in Progress under the guidance of Dr. Shailesh Kasande 

1. Manisha Lande - An Investigation in to the factors that influences customer receptivity to cross-selling.

Dr. Dhananjay Awasarikar (Marketing Management)

Ph.D in Progress under the guidance of Dr. Dhanajay Awasarikar

  1.  “A Study of Parents’ Attitude towards Sales Promotion of Confectionary Products for Children”- Ms. Iyer Kavitha
  2. “A Study of effectiveness of Marketing Assistance and Technological Up -gradation Scheme of Select Micro, Small and Medium Scale Enterprises” - Ms. Annavatti
  3. “Current Status of e-marketing of Pharmaceutical Products -  An Analytical Study” - Ms. Sumant Ursula
  4. “A Study of Mascots in Branding” - Mr.Gaikwad Sumeet
  5. “Study of Growth and Challenges for Online Retail with special reference to Apparel Industry in India” - Ms. Dakhole Deepti
  6. “A Study of Marketing Strategies of Flowers adopted by Producers” - Ms. Phaltankar shilpa
  7. “A Study of Application of Business Analytics in Marketing” - Ms. Bijwe Shweta  

Dr. Anand Gaikwad (Human Resource Management)





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