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Futuristic education model for developing thought leaders by leveraging collaborative open innovation.

Overview: The SURYADATTA INDUSTRY 4.0 - ACADEMIA CENTRE OF INNOVATION EXCELLENCE not only help students in developing new industry breakthroughs, but also help the industry in steering their organizations with breakthrough ideas developed by the students at the centre. Great results are only possible when the passion and innovations of the young students meets the management experience and infrastructure of the industry. As the world moves on to collaborations based open innovation systems, the new centre will create a win-win for all the stakeholders of innovation eco-system.


1. Work collaboratively with the industry to for resolving their real life challenges and steer them to faster growth
2. Evolve as next generation Intrapreneur, Technopreneur, Innopreneur and establish Strategic Start-ups.
3. Master the most advanced tools like Technology App 4.0, 3D Idea Generator
4. Innovate like a creative genius- use mind -maps for developing breakthrough innovations,
5. Be a most sought after talent full of ideas and innovations
6. Create new value propositions and enhance your professional stature.

IIMBx - Suryadatta Academic Partnership





Suryadatta IIMBx Online Courses:
Suryadatta offers Online courses in collaboration with Indian Institute of Management Bangalore (IIM B) for its PGDM and MBA students:
IIMB is a premier Institute offering Management Education Programmes, IIMBx is IIM Bangalore’s MOOCs programme that uses digital learning to enable widespread access to management education. Led by the faculty at IIM Bangalore, IIMBx offers online courses and programmes covering core and advanced business and management subjects;

Salient Features:
1. Digital courseware is produced and delivered by IIMB
2. Online platform for delivery of the digital courseware by IIMB
3. Prompt Online support for subject related queries raised by Students
Certification: Certificate issued by IIMBx to all enrolled and bonafide students who submit the assignments & pass their examinations, as per the grading policy of IIMBx

Rules: All Students participating in the Programme shall adhere to the rules and regulations of IIMBx .
MBA Preparatory Courses (for First year students)
The MBA Preparatory Programme is a bridge course that equips MBA students with a basic understanding of statistics, accounting, and economics before they dive into their PGDM programme full-time.

It offers a package of three MOOCs – Statistics for Business, Introduction to Accounting, and Managerial Economics.

Course 1: Introduction to Managerial Economics

How will it empower you: A successful manager makes good decisions. Acquire the acumen to make those decisions by understanding the market forces that impact your business and personal life.
Who will this course help: Business students, working professionals and entrepreneurs who are interested in how modern economies work and who wish to apply the tools of microeconomics either at their workplace or in business ventures.
Estimated Effort: 5 weeks course, 5-6 hours per week

Course 2: Introduction to Accounting - 1

How will it empower you: Accounting is the foundation on which individuals, organizations and societies build economic activities. The foundation of a house lacks the glamour of the drawing room, but it is indispensable for the safety of the structure and of its occupants. Much the same way, successful economies and societies are built on good accounting. Credible financial reporting encourages people to save and invest. Accountants are like anaesthetists - hardly seen or remembered by the patient but key members of the surgical team. Accounting is often confused with bookkeeping, a small part of accounting. Accounting is really about measuring economic activities and organizing and presenting information about those activities. A good knowledge of accounting helps us to design accounting systems and prepare financial statements, budgets, cost statements, and tax returns. Formulating and executing government policies requires reliable and timely information that comes from robust accounting systems. Accounting strengthens the accountability of individuals, organizations and societies. It is an important part of a country's economic, social and political institutions.
Estimated Effort: 5 weeks course, 4-5 hours per week

Course 3: Statistics for Business - I

How will it empower you: This introduction to statistics course examines data from the perspective of business scenarios and demonstrates how to apply this data to make better decisions.
Who will this course help: This course is suitable for anybody who is interested in Descriptive Statistics.
Estimated Effort: 7 weeks course, 5-7 hours per week

Course 4: Do Your Venture: Entrepreneurship for Everyone (for Second year students)
How will it empower you: This hands-on, action oriented business and management course will introduce you to a systematic, scientific and an easy process of testing your ideas and opportunities you envision. You will learn the “DO your Venture” ideology, which will teach you common paths entrepreneurs take when launching their own venture. You will also learn the tools and techniques for generating ideas and then test your ideas in the field and gather feedback.
Who will this course help: This course is for women of all ages and educational backgrounds who have been thinking about starting a venture and not knowing how to do it. This course will introduce them to important ideas and toolkits to start their venture.
Estimated Effort: 4-5 hours/week

AIMA BizLab 

AIMA BizLab @ Suryadatta - Powered by Artificial Intelligence

Aima Bizlab 2 bizlab1


Business Gaming for Edutainment – Learn management concepts the fun way !


Boost your employability quotient with practical and powerful BizLab learning experience.:

1. Students “experiment” with various management strategies and tactics on a given scenario.
2. Specifically designed keeping the learning habits of the new generation of students
3. Develops Cross functional orientation
4. Provides an unparalleled learning experience.
5. Student Leader-board to acknowledge the achievers at the institute level
6. Hall of Fame to know where you stand on the national level

Extensive Industry Interaction

mahindra minSuryadatta’s core team comprises senior professionals, each with the highest qualification in their respective fields, in addition to a minimum of 15 years of in-depth work experience in the corporate world as well as the academics. Along with sound academic inputs, Suryadatta also believes in giving practical exposure to its students. As a part of this initiative, Suryadatta regularly organizes industrial visits, seminars and workshops serving as a platform where senior executives from the corporate world share their invaluable experiences. We provide a vibrant atmosphere for Industry-Institute Interface in the form of Management Development Programmes, Consultancy, Applied Research, Internship tenures and Event Management.

  • Regular Industrial Visits
  • Curriculum Update - Latest Management Concepts
  • Project Work and Seminars – Practical Exposure
  • Personal Care and Grooming – Mentors from the Industry
  • Distinguished Faculty
  • Placements in Reputed National & Multinational Companies

Innovation & Knowledge Management

45Strengthening the concept of learning from the Gurus and reputed Industry Experts, Suryadatta organizes weekly workshops and seminars getting experts from various walks of life to address the students and impart the knowledge that they have consolidated over long years. Personality Development Sessions, Orientation Programs, Seminars, Guest Lectures, Life Transforming and Motivational Speeches and Value based Education constitute these activities. Suryadatta also forms various Management committees clubs for students, Case study Learnings, Role plays to enhance their corporate knowledge.

  • Regular Seminars & Guest Lectures
  • Students Committees and Clubs
  • Case Study Leaning
  • Simulation of Business Environment
  • Role Plays
  • Computer Based Models
  • Entrepreneurship Cell

Shaping a Complete Human Being

46Suryadatta regularly conducts Spiritual Camp offering an opportunity to the students to actually re-discover their inner self and unearth their latent potential. The idea is to inculcate social, spiritual and ethical values of life into the student’s daily routine. Students are also taught Yoga, Meditation to enrich them through the concept of a healthy mind in a healthy body, the source of optimal well-being. Yoga and meditation empower the students to remain focused, preparing them to face the challenges of life with courage and conviction in a de-stressed manner. Students are also given Commando Training, where students are trained to develop the 10 Attitudes of Success. They are trained on goal setting and personality development and other related activities, giving them the much-needed break from the rigor and stress of academics. Students are given group projects and are encouraged to work and study together, display group dynamics. All students are exposed to unique modules such as Emotional Intelligence, Business Communication, Problem Solving, Team Building and Group Dynamics.
  • Spiritual Camp
  • Enhancing Mental Prowesses through Yoga & Meditation
  • Commando Training Programme
  • Team work and All-Round Personality Development
  • Open Door System
  • Regular Retreats

Global Focus

43Globalization has resulted in a demand for multilingual, cross-cultural professionals. The teaching of Foreign Business Languages- French, Spanish, Japanese and German-at Suryadatta goes a long way in making the students truly confident global professionals. To enable the students to get hands - on exposure to diverse business cultures, we facilitate their Internships across various national boundaries. We believe that this is the best manner to learn about different cultures, languages and customs evolving as global citizens. International Study tours are organized as options to students at Suryadatta. Students travel abroad to select Industries, Chamber of Commerce, B-Schools. This not only gives them first hand information about the running of the organization but also encourages pursuing of the Institute’s International tie-ups actively.
  • International Perspective
  • International Consulting Projects
  • International Tie-Ups and Student Exchange Programs for Study Abroad in process
  • International Internships
  • International Study Tours

Value Based Education

47Suryadatta subscribes strongly to the belief that Spiritual instinct is the source of moral and human values. These human values form the life force of any activity, including areas of management and administration too. Suryadatta organizes a series of theology workshops for its students as well for the Corporates throughout the year like Managerial Leadership & Indian Wisdom for Management, Convention on Managing through Values, Leadership through Indian Wisdom.

  • Spiritual Enhancement Programs
  • Managerial Leadership & Indian Wisdom for Management
  • National Convention on Managing through Values
  • Leadership through Indian Wisdom

Commendable Placement Records

Suryadatta has gone from strength to strength over years. The support and encouragement from the Industry , the good performance of the students and sincere dedicated efforts of all at Suryadatta has made our Institute an Institute of choice.

Suryadatta has a dedicated Placement cell which provides ample placement opportunities to the students. Companies from wide spread sectors of the economy visit Suryadatta during placement drive. Suryadatta students get opportunities in various National and Multinational companies in India and abroad.

Enabling Sustainable Development




  • Rigorous Academic Input- Developing Learning Skills and shaping as multi-skill multi-task personality
  • Nurture independence both in Action & Thought
  • Practical Exposure through Field work & mini projects
  • Entrepreneurship development.
  • Dual specialization in PGDM, advanced technologies, for multiple career options
  • Mind & fitness, personal grooming & presentation skills
  • Articulated, designed modules for global exposure
  • Pastoral care department to be - proactive, Passionate & Positive
  • Career counseling mentorship and Blue chip placements
  • Value based career to live happily, successfully & completely for long life

 Advantages @ Suryadatta

  • Rigorous Academic Input- Developing Learning Skills and shaping as multi-skill multi-task personality
  • A Unique program designed by Eminent Academicians & Corporates, which includes progressive disciplines of management
  • Industry Orientation / Internship
  • Hands on industry exposure field work / projects
  • Intensive interaction with industry professionals
  • Mentorship activity
  • Knowledge Management Workshops
  • Computer Literacy workshops
  • Personality Development Workshops
  • National Seminars & conventions
  • English Proficiency Classes
  • Management Quiz & Business Games
  • Seminars / Guest Lectures
  • Industrial Visits
  • Yoga & Meditation Sessions
  • Social Awareness programs
  • Foreign Language - Awareness program
  • Internet access in Wi-Fi environment
  • Research Assignments
  • Access to Online Database & various e-journals
  • Outdoor Training Programme

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