Saturday, 01 June 2019 05:53

Innovation & Incubation Cell


Futuristic education model for developing thought leaders by leveraging collaborative open innovation.

Overview: The Suryadatta Industry 4.0 - Academia Centre Of Innovation Excellence not only help students in developing new industry breakthroughs, but also help the industry in steering their organizations with breakthrough ideas developed by the students at the centre. Great results are only possible when the passion and innovations of the young students meets the management experience and infrastructure of the industry. As the world moves on to collaborations based open innovation systems, the new centre will create a win-win for all the stakeholders of innovation eco-system. 


  • Work collaboratively with the industry to for resolving their real life challenges and steer them to faster growth
  • Evolve as next generation Intrapreneur, Technopreneur, Innopreneur and establish Strategic Start-ups.
  • Master the most advanced tools like Technology App 4.0, 3D Idea Generator
  • Innovate like a creative genius- use mind -maps for developing breakthrough innovations,
  • Be a most sought after talent full of ideas and innovations
  • Create new value propositions and enhance your professional stature.