Research Advisory Committee: There shall be a Research Advisory Committee for each Ph.D. scholar. The Research Supervisor of the scholar shall be the Convener of this Committee.

Responsibilities of the Research Advisory Committee:

  • To review the research proposal and finalize the topic of research
  • To guide the research scholar to develop the study design and methodology of research and identify the course(s) that he/she may have to do.
  • To periodically review and assist in the progress of the research work of the research scholar.
  • A research scholar shall appear before the Research Advisory Committee once in six months to make a presentation of the progress of his/her work for evaluation and further guidance.
  • The six monthly progress reports shall be submitted by the Research Advisory Committee to the Research Centre with a copy to the research scholar.
  • In case the progress of the research scholar is unsatisfactory, the Research Advisory Committee shall record the reasons for the same and suggest corrective measures. If the research scholar fails to implement these corrective measures, the Research Advisory Committee may recommend to the Research Centre with specific reasons for cancellation of the registration of the research scholar.