Saturday, 14 December 2019 07:20

PGDM Students Of Suryadatta Institute Of Management Participate In An Adventure Cum Team Building Trip

The importance of Team Work and Team Building for a management student is self evident. The staff and management at Suryadatta fully appreciate this and to this end, from time to time various workshops, seminars and guest lectures are held on this topic. To reinforce the message, students of PGDM are taken for Adventure-cum-team building trips where various games, activities and exercises were used to develop certain characteristics within the individuals that are important if the team is to become effective.

Keeping this in mind, a trip for PGDM students of 2019-21 batch was organized to 29018 Adventure Camp. The students started at around 9 am and reached there in an hour. A journey of 35 kms through a scenic route took the group to Avanti Kalagram where a hot breakfast awaited them.

In the first activity the students were divided into 3 groups and asked to name the group with a group slogan. It was treasure hunt with lots of physical exercise. This activity taught them time management and also managing energy levels. 

The second activity was less physical and more intellectual and taught them how to plan strategies, manage time and work in groups. The aim of outbound leadership programme was to learn all the management skills. This programme also tightened the course bond and the students were given some leisure time at the end of the day. Some of them swam, while some explored the place.

The evening debrief brought the day to an end. During the debrief, the important management lessons learnt were reiterated.


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