Tuesday, 16 July 2019 12:12


The Vision of Suryadatta is to be a World Class Centre of Excellence in preparing complete industry ready professionals, combining the best of Indian sensibilities with a Western outlook and to be rated as a premier Education Institute; offering contemporary education, using state-of-the art technology, spearheading high quality research, besides providing expert training and consultancy services catering to the ever-changing needs of the Industry and Society.

AIMA BizLab is a first of its kind virtual lab for management students. Just like the laboratories for other education fields, using the AIMA BizLab software, students may “experiment” with various management strategies and tactics on the given scenario. Specifically designed keeping the learning habits of the new generation of students, AIMA BizLab provides an unparalleled learning experience. BizLab Hall of Fame lists scores of top performing students across region/state and helps students to compare their performance against the best minds in the country. BizLab experiments presents scenarios that require application of concepts being covered in the MBA curriculum. It therefore helps to develop an integrated perspective of different aspects of management. BizLab engine is fuelled by Artificial Intelligence technology that responds dynamically to students’ strategy and provides competitive experience that helps build a real-life like experience. It is cloud based and accessible on all laptops as well as mobile making it easy for students to access it anytime, anywhere. The results of BizLab experiment are available to faculty members to monitor the performance and progress of students. BizLab experiments help students run and practice concepts multiple times and in various modes. Can be used either under guided supervision of faculty in the classroom as a “workshop” or as self-driven competition against AI Bots as a “practice” mode. Research shows that when people hear something, only 20% is retained after a week. However, when people do something, they remember it for their lifetime. The new generation of learners has grown up in a digital environment. They are used to instant rewards. Therefore the only way to create an impact is to provide learning experiences that stand out from the rest! It will boost the employability quotient with practical and powerful BizLab learning experience